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At the Beginning – Beginner Training


The beginner training day is the perfect training to start with, whether you are new to riding or just new to off-road riding. The course is a great way to give you the confidence you need to venture off the beaten track.

The day starts with some basic theory on off-road riding. We assist in helping you get setup and comfortable to go off-road with your bike before we get to any riding. The rest of the day is spent getting you as comfortable as possible on your bike. Bike balancing as well as clutch and throttle control is the best way to comfortable, controlled riding and for that reason we focus on it. We also focus on teaching you to be safe as well as advice on safety riding gear.

Bar Raiser

Bar Raiser – Intermediate Training.


This is the next step if you have been riding off-road for some time or if you have done the beginner training and want to step it up a level, then this is where you need to be. This day will get you more comfortable on your motorcycle and help you get over some of the obstacles that have been in your way and we will be sure to add a pinch of pure FUN.

 We start off with a short recap of the basics and more in-depth theory. Riding starts with exercises designed to help you master clutch and throttle control as well as balance on the bike. Targeted controlled break sliding, obstacle avoidance and obstacle clearance will make you even safer on the roads and especially off the main roads.  We have an existing loop to ride to test your skills and we will be sure to have some fun along the way to make sure we send you home with a big smile.

Pillion Training

Pillion Training.


This training day is all about making the pillion love the adventure as much as you do and it will help you both feel safer and more confident.

Riding with a pillion can be challenging off-road and if you do not know the basics it can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for both. In this training course, we aim to give you the skills and knowledge to comfortably do an off-road weekend or tour with a pillion and luggage. You don’t have to avoid the rough roads with the best views just because you are two up on the bike. We will give you loads of tips and tricks, and help you build the fundamental skills you’ll need.

Sand Monster

 The sand monster, as every adventure rider knows, needs special attention and that is what this day training is for. We will help you get control of the beast and give you the skills needed for your level of riding. We strongly recommend that you do some other level of training and that you are comfortable on your bike before booking for this course. As with all the other day courses, we start with the theory, some basics and warmup riding before we tackle the monster. Riding position and weight distribution is vital to get through the sand and we will get you comfortable with both as we step it up.  We will take you through this step by step and allow you to work on your confidence for riding through the odd loose patch of sand on the open gravel roads or if keen on tackling deep 2 spoor sand paths.

 Having the confidence to go wherever the road leads and the being able to do it safely is what we want everyone to experience.

Confidence Builder

C : Confidence Builder : Intermediate level weekend training 

This training weekend is the ultimate weekend experience. Loades of learning, riding and fun on and off the bike. If you have been riding for some time and want to up your skill level or even just want to have a lot of fun on the bike this is for you.

 We start by getting everyone out of the city and on to a beautiful farm, then finely tune your riding with a range of obstacles, new techniques and advanced breaking exercises. You will also get some basic bike maintenance and tyre advice as well as a full workshop on changing a tyre and fixing a puncture next to the road. We cover just about everything  the seasons can and will throw at you. We also spend quite a bit of time on picking the perfect line up and down some rocky hills.

 This weekend will give you all the tools needed to go on safe and amazing weekend rides as well as prepare you for a long multi day tour.

Weekend Training Rides

Weekend Training Rides

 This weekend training course is different every time. The aim of this is to give you a real world experience and on the go training. We will go to different overnight destinations where you will get riding tips and techniques on the way as well as technical experience. If you are looking for an all in one Adventure starter kit this weekend is the one for you.

We will have a pack list for everyone before the ride and lots of stops and riding exercises all weekend. It is not an army camp environment and the object is to get you excited about riding your bike and encourage you to get out there on some off the amazing roads out there.

One on One

One on One : Personalised Individual Attenion

If you want individual attention and training customized to your specific requirements, this is for you. Our one-on-one training is designed to give you exactly want you need. We spend some time with you finding out what you really need to master and what you are struggling with, we can also take you out on the road and do some training in the same environment you want to be riding in. This type of training really allows you to concentrate on mastering your riding techniques and allows you to get the most out of the time. 

We can also adapt the training day to smaller private groups. If you have a group of friends that always ride together or you want to sharpen up your skills for that once in a lifetime ride,  get in contact with us and we can tailor make a training event to get you all ready.

 This is normally a one day event on a day of your choice, weekdays or weekends. The price includes distances in and around the Cape Town area,  anything beyond 100 km  will have an additional fuel charge.

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