About us…

The sole aim of our riding academy is to get more people on bikes, out of the cities, exploring the amazing gravel roads. There is so much more out there for you to see and experience when you take the road less travelled.


Our courses are all designed to get you riding more and give you the confidence to go out and explore. The beginner course “At The Beginning”  is the first step to get you prepped for off-road riding as well as all the other things you need to know to make it safe as well as enjoyable. Taking your bike on a weekend adventure and getting a puncture on the way can add to the amazing war stories you tell around the fire or it could be a horrible experience that ends in you and your bike eventually stuck on the back of a bakkie trying to just get home.  We will help prepare you for as many of the experiences you could be faced with along the way.

Alternatively, if you have been riding for some time and now want to start enjoying more technical or rougher terrains, we have the perfect one day or weekend courses to get you more confident to enjoy your adventure and not stress your way through it. Stressing about a small patch of sand or a loose rocky hill when you are on a multi-day tour is the last thing you should be focused on,  it’s not enjoyable and it’s not safe. Riding and experiencing these terrains and challenges in an controlled environment helps build confidence and really is the best way to prepare for adventures. Off-Road experiences are full of adventure and we only want you stressing about it ending too soon not every obstacle in the road.


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