C : Confidence Builder : Intermediate level weekend training


This training weekend is the ultimate weekend experience. Loades of learning, riding and fun on and off the bike. If you have been riding for some time and want to up your skill level or even just want to have a lot of fun on the bike this is for you.


We start by getting everyone out of the city and on to a beautiful farm, then finely tune your riding with a range of obstacles, new techniques and advanced breaking exercises. You will also get some basic bike maintenance and tyre advice as well as a full workshop on changing a tyre and fixing a puncture next to the road. We cover just about everything  the seasons can and will throw at you. We also spend quite a bit of time on picking the perfect line up and down some rocky hills.


This weekend will give you all the tools needed to go on safe and amazing weekend rides as well as prepare you for a long multi day tour.

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