Pillion Training Day

This training day is all about making the pillion love the adventure as much as you do and it will help you both feel safer and more confident.

Riding with a pillion can be challenging off-road and if you do not know the basics it can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for both. In this training course, we aim to give you the skills and knowledge to comfortably do an off-road weekend or tour with a pillion and luggage. You don’t have to avoid the rough roads with the best views just because you are two up on the bike. We will give you loads of tips and tricks, and help you build the fundamental skills you’ll need.

Training starts at 8:30 am with lunch at 13:00. We are normally finished by 15:00 and then we just have a bit of fun on the bike if you have energy left.

Price includes lunch for both of you and enough water and cooldrinks to keep you going.

All our Pillion Training Event dates listed below.
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