Sand Monster : Sand riding Beginner and Advanced day training


The sand monster, as every adventure rider knows, needs special attention and that is what this day training is for. We will help you get control of the beast and give you the skills needed for your level of riding. We strongly recommend that you do some other level of training and that you are comfortable on your bike before booking for this course.


As with all the other day courses, we start with the theory, some basics and warmup riding before we tackle the monster. Riding position and weight distribution is vital to get through the sand and we will get you comfortable with both as we step it up.  We will take you through this step by step and allow you to work on your confidence for riding through the odd loose patch of sand on the open gravel roads or if keen on tackling deep 2 spoor sand paths.


Having the confidence to go wherever the road leads and the being able to do it safely is what we want everyone to experience.

All our Sand Monster Training Event dates listed below.
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